Intro to Conscious EFT Summit

​​​​Episode 4

In this Summit series we show you:

  • what is emotional freedom techniques (also called EFT or tapping)
  • why bother learning EFT/Tapping in the first place
  • how EFT works 
  • how to do tapping safely by introducing it to your nervous system and biology one step at a time

In this episode (part 4/5) we show you: 

  • what is nervous system regulation and how eft/tapping helps
  • a very cool story of how Nancy’s client was storing emotional dysregulation… as a strawberry allergy
  • why doing your own personal work affects everything in your life
  • how EFT helps other therapies work better
  • how EFT helps to release years of emotional turmoil one manageable bit at a time


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