Intro to Conscious EFT Summit

​​​​Episode 3

In this Summit series we show you:

  • what is emotional freedom techniques (also called EFT or tapping)
  • why bother learning EFT/Tapping in the first place
  • how EFT works 
  • how to do tapping safely by introducing it to your nervous system and biology one step at a time

In this episode (part 3/5) we show you: 

  • how to use EFT safely (without triggering yourself) to get significant and sustainable change
  • the 4 phases of Conscious EFT
  • what is trauma (the science) and how we all have it
  • how the body is the key to lasting mental and emotional results
  • how our crafty body and brain are constantly monitoring the world unconsciously
  • how our subconscious patterns show up in our work, relationships and everywhere else
  • how EFT can alter unhelpful subconscious patterns

We’d love to hear from you in our FB group. What nervous-system reaction(s) switch on for you when life gets intense?

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