Intro to Conscious EFT Summit

​​​​Episode 2

In this Summit series we show you:

  • what is emotional freedom techniques (also called EFT or tapping)
  • why bother learning EFT/Tapping in the first place
  • how EFT works 
  • how to do tapping safely by introducing it to your nervous system and biology one step at a time

In this episode (part2/5) we discuss:

  • Why even learn emotional freedom techniques (EFT)/ Tapping in the first place.
  • The 3 Es of EFT/tapping.
  • How tapping/EFT is expanding the wellness paradigm beyond cognitive wellness to emotional and somatic wellness.
  • How our nervous systems are factory set at “survive” and why safety is always paramount.
  • Why psychological danger or “stress” registers in our body as though we’re fighting, fleeing or shutting down to save our lives.
  • The ONE THING the human nervous system will give up everything else for.
  • How to tap.  How to actually use this process by dipping your toes in safely.

 Now we’d love to hear from you in our FB group.  In one or two words, how was this tapping experience for you?

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