This self-directed online program introduces you to the same skills we learned to help ourselves, our families and our own clients, patients and students thrive and move forward.

Learning works best when it's fun. That's why this isn't another dry theoretical program. It's real, it's honest and it's playful.

In each module, we build a very structured and practical learning path, then walk that path right beside you, sharing our personal stories along the way. We explain concepts and ideas in really interesting and engaging ways, using language you'll understand so you can start applying the ideas immediately. 

We deliver all of this in each module through:

  • an experiential audio
  • accompanying transcript (coming soon)
  • lesson summary (coming soon)
  • and practice materials.  (coming soon)

So how will your knowledge and life change and grow as you work through the program? 

Module 1 - we build on the info delivered in our free podcast/youtube series

  • we expand on how to introduce “bronze” tapping into your life (remember “bronze” tapping?  Tapping without having to use words.)
  • we tell stories of how past clients have used this bronze level tapping to create real change in their life so you can relate to what changes may be happening for you.
  • we teach you a secret and stealthy way to tap without anyone noticing (like right in the middle of a meeting or tense conversation stealthy.)
  • we show you how to supercharge your breathing, yoga and other relaxation techniques with EFT.

Module 2 - in the module we show you:

  • how to integrate the “bronze tapping” into your professional life. Whether you work in healthcare, coaching, mental wellness or corporate, you’ll learn how to use this technique to bring your stress down and performance up.
  • 2 new and more advanced ways to use the bronze tapping.  You might say we’re phasingin more ways to grow your newfound tapping mojo.
  • how to use tapping to quickly reduce anger or intense energy in tricky situations. 

Module 3 is all about resistance.  In this module we show you: 

  • why the real issue is most often resistance and you may not even know it!
  • how to uncover both the obvious and more sneaky reasons you may resist doing your personal work. 
  • some real life examples of how resistance likes to win against: financial goals, health goals and our own basic identity!  Sneaky, sneaky resistance. 
  • how to transform your resistance without force and fighting. So relieving.

Module 4 - in this module we'll show you:

  • what is “silver tapping” and step-by-step instructions on how to do it. That’s right, you graduate from bronze to silver.
  • how to call up patterns you want to change.
  • how to measure your tapping work so you can track your progress.
  • a live example of how to use silver tapping to decrease stress. (Happy sigh.)
  • a live example of how to use silver tapping to overcome all that resistance we learned about in module 3.  Mmhmm, that subtle and well-hidden resistance again. (*pro tip* resistance is important!)

Module 5 - in this module we'll show you:

  • how to use silver tapping for unhealthy food cravings (SO fun!!!).
  • a live demonstration of overcoming a life-long food craving!
  • when NOT to use silver tapping – extremely important.
  • some great resources for silver tapping so you can keep bringing more peace, clarity and all the other good things into your life. 

Module 6 - in this module we'll show you: 

  • how to use silver tapping to begin working with chronic and annoying pain.
  • what your interesting relationship with pain may be and what it might have to say to you.
  • how acknowledgement, acceptance and pain are actually into co-working! 
  • how to remove emotional pain from your physical pain.  Really, this is a biggie. 
  • how to move yourself out of the way so your body can heal.  

Module 7 - in this module we show you:

  • how peak performance is global and tied to who we are, how we show up and who we want to become.
  • how tapping on performance at a micro level creates changes at a macro level. Amazingly cool concept with examples of ways this may show up.
  • how EFT can be used:
  • in corporate performance. 
  • in the education performance (for students, teachers and admin).
  • in sports performance.
  • for entrepreneurial success performance. 
  • How to use silver tapping for a success issue via a live demonstration.

Module 8 - in this module we show you:

  • what is “gold standard” EFT/Tapping. Here you are, graduating levels again.
  • when to use gold standard EFT/Tapping.
  • the 4 phases of the gold standard Conscious EFT/Tapping approach.
  • how and when to use each phase for best results and maximum safety.  If you’ve been trained in EFT before this might delightfully rock your boat.   
  • relational vs. non-relational trauma and EFT/Tapping. Again, emotional safety is beautifully at play here. 

Module 9 - in this module we show you: 

  • how to integrate gold standard EFT/Tapping into your:
    • medical or paramedical practice.
    • coaching business.
    • corporate or entrepreneurial career.
    • educating or administrating position.
  • when is it time to work with a  practitioner?  (Working with a good practitioner is SO amazing.) 
  • how to find said amazingpractitioner
  • where to take your tapping work now (various ways to use it right now and to learn more moving forward)

This course is packed FULL of goodness.

But we take it from good to great.

We welcome you into a community through our private Facebook group. A place where you can safely discuss what you're learning and ask questions as you integrate this work into your life. 

Ready to start integrating this into your life?

Still on the fence?

We're also very discerning about where we spend our money and precious time. 

So if you're not sure about: 

  • taking a repeat of a tapping class you’ve already done - Conscious EFT is different than the typical EFT/Tapping that’s been taught over the years. Nancy knows, she used to teach it, had concerns and that’s where this trauma-informed and phased approach stemmed from.  In fact, experienced EFT users love this fresh approach. 
  • paying hundreds of dollars for yet another course -  Breathe a happy sigh of relief!  We’re both avid learners and know exactly what you mean.  That’s why you get all 9 modules of this course plus any bonus material added in the future for a one-time fee of $147 Canadian dollars  $99 Canadian during quarantine. (Feel free to take a minute to enjoy the conversion to your own currency.)  PLUS, if after 2 weeks you feel this program is not for you, we’ll happily refund it minus a small admin fee, no problem. 
  • not having the time to make use of the course -  We’ve been there too.  That’s why this course is delivered to your inbox with pauses between lessons for maximal absorption, plus it’s recorded and yours forever, to learn in the timeframe and pace that’s best for you and your nervous system.

We want to offer you a shortcut.  A faster and easier way than we took.

As lifelong learners, we’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on education, plus we have over 60 years of combined experience in adult education, healthcare and mental wellness. 

Let us share our experience and be your shortcut to greater success and peace-of-mind in your work and life.

These people did:   


The course is GREAT! Jen and Nancy are incredible instructors and thoughtful storytellers, which makes listening to the modules both constructive and pleasant. I’ve introduced EFT/Tapping to the majority of my clients, my everyday life and even my children and a number of my clients have already told me how helpful it is.

Dr. Sarah Jane Renaud

Clinical Psychologist


The course is amazing.  Jen and Nancy are so engaging and deliver the material in such a wonderful way.  As a practitioner and speaker myself, I really enjoyed the personal stories and think other doctors and practitioners will really resonate too.  Moreover, the course provides material that is not only useful but almost necessary, not just for our patients, but also for health care practitioners themselves.

Dr. Penny Kendall-Reid
Naturopathic Doctor


I frequently find myself trying to help patients move the needle. A tool like EFT/Tapping is the very thing to help patients overcome obstacles and resistance that keep them from achieving their health and wellness goals. 

Jen and Nancy present this modality in such a clear, compelling and straightforward manner that it seems ANY practitioner’s practice could benefit from it.  

A tool that is effective, backed by scientific evidence, can be quickly and easily learned and applied with no recurring fees? I’m sold.

Dr. Jennifer Baer
Naturopathic Doctor


Let’s start getting faster and more effective results in your life and with your people.